What about the Money Part?

Thank you for taking a moment on this page. The following Table shows how the gifts have been used during the month of August; followed by a Table showing the from January 2020 through the end of August. Note our emphasis on Missions and Heritage Learning

For the Month of August 2020
For January through August 2020

This is where the Restart Church dollars go. Test the fruit.  If you see good fruit, then please come alongside to join the Work here. Restart is a IRS 501 c(iii) Charitable Organization – tax exemptions factor. 

Snail Mail

You would bless us by gifting by check through the mail. We discourage sending cash.

  • Make check to: Restart Church
  • Mail to: P.O. Box 206, Kalispell, Montana 59901

Online Gifting

If you have been making minimum payments on your credit card, please do not participate in credit card giving to Restart.  Do not increase your financial burdens; on-line giving to Restart should wait until your debt paid off.

To partner with Restart4us financially, please smack our “Give” button below.  Thanks for helping to bring hope and heartbeat to those with needs in Evergreen Montana. 

Restart’s Records are Always Open