Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Update from your friends at Restart4us on the CoronaVirus.

Hello Friends, welcome to Restart Church. A prime tenant of the Jesus Path is for Believers to be good citizens; so in conformance with the suggestions and directives of Civil authority, Restart Church is going to postpone congregating in person until a later time.

  • Pastor Jason will live-stream his Youth ministry on Wednesdays at 6:30. If you haven’t attended before – this is the perfect opportunity to give it a test – but hold onto your socks! Just text your number to the one on the screen to plug in!
  • Adults – You can join in our Thursday’s Men’s and Women’s Adult studies from anywhere via the Zoom app – download it to your mobile device “that’s Zoom = zee, oh, oh, mmm” Once you have the app – text your number to the number on your screen and we’re off! Have your bible ready as Miss Emily is going to be leading the Women through 1st John and I’ve got some surprises up my sleeve for the Men.
    • P.s > More details on the Zoom process are found a little further down this page!
  • As for Sunday – my message will be pre-recorded and made available on YouTube, Facebook and at our Website (where also you will find my sermon notes). We are in John chapter 14 – give it a read and then tune in for a richer experience.

Now listen – I think Restart Church is going to go viral on this virus thing. You and I are going to dig deeper into the word using this format – with perhaps fewer distractions. But now is the time to be encouraged – to join together to welcome the changes we’ve all are experiencing. Let’s make something positive of it by sharing these new electronic outreaches with others – that all of us might live richly blessed. Hey – Thanks for tuning in. I will keep you posted.

Here are some additional instructions to assist you in getting the most out of our new eConnections services: