Restart4us: Family Service, Sunday 11:00am

Restart4us: Family Service, Sunday 11:00am

At Restart we understand families don’t always resemble the storybooks. Many of us struggle doing the jobs of a “couple” – all by ourself.  We live without traditional supports due to incarceration , substance addictions, abandonment, or untimely death. The strain of such circumstance cascades into the lives of children, overwhelming the normal complications of growing up. Such are we in the modern family; and to such as these we gladly open our doors.

The message at Restart is twofold. First: you are not alone.  Joy and purpose in life can be restored when spending time among others who get it – who themselves are faced with similar, daunting life-challenges, but who are actively sustained by walking the Jesus Path. Just because life has taken a bad turn, does not mean we are trapped.  We have each other for support and human connection – together with God we are a majority!

Second: Every guidance and encouragement at Restart is based on what Pastor Bob calls “Bible-ground” – that there is life-empowering strength from the study of the Bible.  Our experience with relying solely on ourselves or on the fickle good-will of others has not been good.  Only God is constant in His love and affection.  We have come to learn that our only source of honest-to-goodness comfort comes with learning about the nature and depths of His love. This is what we are about each time we meet at Restart.

To learn and share these truths, while seated among our children (so they can see how responsible adults search for and find answers) is part of the Restart family emphasis.  And for those of us who do not have much in terms of family… Restart offers another family with room to stretch out and rediscover truth about self and others.  Welcome to the Restart family.

Come See

It remains for you then to muster a form of courage to walk through the doors at Restart. It’s not easy, especially in this world where trusts are broken so frequently.  Come see what might happen with you and your family by spending some time with us.  The Word of God expresses it well…

Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ…
Galatians 6:2