Lock In Restart

Lock In Restart

What is a Lock-In?

Thanks for checking out this information to an upcoming amazing night that will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. With that mind, there is some information you’ll want to know so let’s get started.

You come, sign-in and stay at the church from the start of the event to the end. And you never leave once. Scary. It’s an opportunity to spend some time meeting new people, growing relationships both new and current as well as learning about yourself.

Does it cost money?

No. Because it shouldn’t cost you for us to want to invite you to this amazing event. The only sacrifice to you is your Friday afternoon/night, sleep schedule and your normal routine. Our team works to make this happen for you. If you are under +18, it does require your parent’s signed permission for you to attend. Pretty simple.

I heard that you take away electronic devices and I’m pretty glued to mine…Tell me the truth please.

All devices are surrendered at the very beginning. Trust me, your secrets on your phone is safe as no one will have time to play with phones. You will live without it.

Can I decide to leave at any point?

We operate with a standard that once you are at the event, you are not allowed to leave under any circumstance except for: emergency (example: injury, family crisis ec.) or pre-arranged transportation. This can ONLY be valid if the student pre-arranges the pick-up and leave with Pastor Jason and/or administrative team. Friends cannot pick-up friends. Only a parent/guardian can set these arrangements with the team.

Who is invited?

All students 6th to 12 grade. You’ll see Restart Church members there as well. Parents, you are welcome to hang out!

What should I bring?

  • Change of warm weather and cold weather clothes, including some clothes that you could care less about getting messy or potentially ruining.
  • Comfortable wear for later hours. This does not condone underwear as clothing. You must be covered. Shorts, T-shirts, etc. are fine. A bathing suit as comfortable wear will not cut it.
  • Positive attitude to be in a new place

What are some rules I should know?

  • Our number one rule: Positive attitude. No one likes being around anybody that doesn’t try, doesn’t want to join in, complains and/or attempts to bring everyone else done just because. We have leaders who want to talk with you about life and help you out. However, if you simply just don’t want to be there and there’s no convincing you, double-check yourself on the question “Do I really want to be here?” We want you to be here! But we don’t want to force you. Don’t let us catching you ruin anyone else’s time
  • Our other main rule: Respect. You respect students, leaders and the house (church). Anything that disrespects those things is not tolerated. Generally, here’s what happens on inappropriate offenses in three levels: 1: You’re called out on it directly and encourage to redirect your behavior.  2: You’re pulled aside and talked to by leaders one-on-one and/or with mediator if appropriate. You are then asked to decide to stay or leave at this point if it is severe enough. Again we want you to stay, but we will not make you in-this-case. 3: Under 18 students – Parents/Guardians are called to come pick-up. At this point, rules have been breached and unfortunately we need to take this step for the well-being of the rest of the group. 18 and older attendees are asked to gather things and leave. No questions. We want everyone to know we love you and want to enjoy this night. This is why we have a very upfront and transparent discipline policy. There should be no excuses so we can have an amazing time!
  • We want you to be yourself. No veils or costumes. With any behavioral system, we expect zero usage of foul, vulgar, or publicly deemed foul language to maintain an appropriate atmosphere. This would revert back to our disciplinary steps.
  • Safety is a major focus in our events. When the doors are locked-up at night, no one is to let any individual in. This includes extra friends etc. If any student is caught doing this act, they will be removed from the event. No questions or comments.

Can I get an idea of the kinds of activities so I know what to expect?

Sure. You WILL be doing the following: Running, thinking, acting fast, falling, rolling, yelling, sitting, laying, freaking, (because the pitch black darkness in the church can really get to you), smiling, learning, and reacting all night. And it doesn’t stop there. Be warned that Jason tends to create some kind of giant relay that generally causes pain and the losing teams tend to have to eat something extremely disgusting that no one thought was possible to create. Remember to be positive and participate =)

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