Sunday Family Service, 11:00am
  • 315 East Evergreen Dr, Kalispell, MT

  • Restart Church

Sunday Family Service, 11:00am

What to Expect

Restart church is not a marathon 2 or 3 hour affair.  Pastor Bob always tries to get you out and on your way within an hour so you can get out and enjoy your Sunday – armed with some new Truths from the Word of God.  (He’s serious when he says you will be home in time for the rest of the ball game.)  However, you are also most welcome to join those folks who hang out for quite a while after Service catching up and enjoying “Family Time.”

Also, we are a small bunch.  Don’t look for a big venue. Churches with uber-large congregations are available in the Valley.  But at Restart we don’t lose our feel for the individual, nor do we want to project a sense of the exclusive  “country club”.   Restart is pretty humble in that regard.  We couldn’t tell you how many people attend…  Pastor Bob feels 2 Samuel 24 teaches it’s not “Bible-ground” to count the people.  Frequently in Evangelical circles, the measure of church “success” relies on the “two-B’s” – bucks and butts.   At Restart we are grateful to God if just one person comes and leaves touched for the better.


Restart has not yet recruited for a live band.  Each Sunday we have two video feeds of music with lyrics apropos to the message, so you can sing and honor God with your voice of Praise.  The time may come when we have a live band.  But it seems the production of live church music becomes an end in itself – smoke and strobe lights.  To us that feels distracting.  Beside, as Pastor Bob quips, “Jesus didn’t have a band.”

Child Care

We encourage you to keep your children with you during service. We believe they benefit from the example of seeing you praise and study from the Word. We don’t mind a little racket – they’re kids.  Just watch if they draw too much attention away from the message. If you have a really small one – bring your baby in too.  (Pastor Bob has held more than one baby during the sermon.)  If you feel strained or distraction from your time with God, make use of our wonderful nursery staffed by people who care.