What about the Money Part?

Jesse James is dead and Restart is not here to shake you down.  The people of Restart believe giving is an extreme blessing; whether its valuable like your time or temporary (like supporting our little Church) – Giving is a cool thing.  But’s it’s your business.  When people fuss about money it fosters tension and distracts from Restart’s prime duties of hearing and doing the Word of God.

Bible-ground on the topic of money is that it all belongs to God.  Giving at Restart means giving back to share in the needs of a Ministry dedicated to helping people understand and apply the Word of God. Test the fruit you see at Restart.  If you see good fruit, trust Him to hold Restart accountable for your sharing.   Restart qualifies as IRS 501 c(iii) Charitable Organization and so tax exemptions factor.  You can follow the progress of our Financials by mashing the links at the bottom of this page.

I injected earlier that your Time is the most precious gift to offer in support of a Restart activity or event God has whispered to you about. This is the beauty about being a Believer. We use our giftedness to meet needs that others cannot meet because they do not have our exact gifts. There are needs awaiting gifts shaped like yours.  Cool, huh?

About Online Gifting

If you have been making minimum payments on your credit card, please do not participate in credit card giving to Restart. We do not want to increase your burden; on-line giving to Restart should wait until you get your debt paid off.

The Restart Give Button

To partner with Restart4us financially, please smack our “Give” button below.  Thanks for helping to bring hope and heartbeat to those with needs in Evergreen Montana. 

Grab the App

Click the icon to get our Gifting-app for your phone or tablet…

Restart’s Records are Always Open

Nothing hidden here.  Take a look to see what God has been up to regarding our finances.  We collect data from October to September each year.  The Monthly Tracker will show you the details.  It is followed by our Summaries; showing how we’ve done each month – either plus or minus.

Monthly Tracker beginning October 2018

Summaries – OCT 2018 TO SEP 2019

  • June 2019 – plus $2,476.25
  • May 2019 – plus $2,570.35
  • April 2019 – plus $1,002.82
  • March 2019 – plus $286.35
  • February 2019 – plus $33.25
  • January 2019 – minus $61.65
  • December 2018 – plus $4,265.25
  • November 2018 – plus $868.35
  • October 2018 – plus $1,650.35

Previous Year 2017

Monthly Tracker beginning October 2017

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