Pastor’s Study

Pastor’s Study

Pastor’s Study

Of course there are differences between cultures.   Deep crevasses emerge over a wide array of beliefs and practices.  What Peace can exist between any warring faction (individuals and groups alike) while all proclaim:

We are different

Have no confusion in your understanding, Bible Ground is the opposite of that. All of Mankind are alike; we are not “very much” alike, we are exactly alike.  Every human falls short of the perfection required of them – every one.  ( Romans 3:23).   I wonder if you bridled just now at reading the phrase “required of them.”   Most of us dislike being controlled. So we wiggle the wires and spark changes to our spiritual self-concept. Just a bit, of course.  But it is a deception of the highest order to think we can change ourselves.  With that lie to stand on, its a quick jump from “I can change myself” to “I see no need for change.”

Let’s define one’s faith construct as the framework about which a person views the existential world. That said, people living the “I see no need for change” must always  tamper with their viewpoint of God to rationalize their behaviors.  Their faith construct accommodates trends of all sorts.  Beginning with the smallest compromise; a nothing really.  And moving with titanic impetus towards a demon provoked  society of reckless proclivity.  Against that growing inertia, the Bible stands and proclaims: God is unable to change.   

Friend Isaiah asks:

  • And as for His stretched-out hand, who can turn it back? ( Isaiah 14:27 )

You got brown eyes, you don’t have green.  That’s it. Truth. And now let’s return to my opening remark about us all being the same. The Jesus Path is to understand there was One, like us, but more.  We all are short of the mark, all except for One. This One took the punishment for all persons. No one is worthy; no one can stand sinless before God; except the Son, Jesus the Christ of God. Who stands alone; being totally Different than us and yet so much the Same.  This is the discovery of the Jesus Path. All Humanity is in prison: “Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin…” (Galatians 3:22). The key to release is found in the redeeming power of the Blood of Christ. Thanks for reading this little missive

Another personal thought (yes, formerly shown)

Do not deliberate over your messed up circumstances guided only by difficult memories about the intentions of others; or by the bad luck we had, or to conclude a bleak future is certain.

The Word of God says the righteous person shall live by faith.  NOT  “shall live by”  grinding and re-grinding the reasons you hate your ex.  Not by living trapped in a difficult past. Not by living in a way that sucks the courage right out of you.  But look again at what the verse says: the righteous person shall live by faith.  It says “shall live” by faith.  If the Word makes that statement it follows that those on the Jesus Path must have God-given capacity to access faith.  And in that sense I don’t think faith is the real obstacle to powerful living.

We do not lack faith – we lack the courage and ambition to display it.   Your measure of faith can be easily gauged.  Faith’s available power is calculated by the sum of the time you spend alone with God in the Bible each day – plus the sum of time you spend luxuriating in meaningful and enriching prayer. (p.s. How much total time for you today?)  Using that as a yardstick, do we really wonder why our faith seems anemic at times?  I have a suggestion regarding prayer…

  • I did a pretty good sermon offering a schematic view of Daniel’s epic prayer in Daniel 9.
  • This lesson unearthed Daniel’s systematic and revealing prayer instructions. What he said in this prayer was intelligently crafted by the Holy Spirit to assist our climb to higher places along the Jesus Path.  They are included in my Study Shelf because their content is amazing.
  • I wouldn’t wonder you might benefit from my outline notes?
  • No video.  Just my preaching outline:

Well okay. I’m bushed. Good bye

Another personal thought (yes, formerly shown)

I wonder if we will ever come to understand that who we are to others should always match who we really are – so we live without double standards.  Living a counterfeit identity only causes trouble.  One damaging outcome is a life of role-playing promotes phony self-assessment. It permits us to rationalize we are not so bad as others.

This conclusion gives leave to live in rebellion to the Most High God – our conscience slowly dies, the Spirit of God becomes quenched.  That’s not the Jesus Path.

Bible Ground is to stand for Christ today, to not back down when faced by difficult people in tight circumstances, and most important of all: NOT to back down when taking a look at the person in the mirror and seeing things that must be addressed – and I mean addressed NOW.

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