Battleground: View of Self

Battleground: View of Self

In any war, there are places where the enemy is engaged.  This is the place of the battleground; the turf where spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical conflict against evil is played out.  In the war against evil forces, the Believer must evaluate where the enemy is active; where the skirmish-lines are.  From there we can apply the Truths of the Bible to counterattack.  In order to best defend ourselves against evil, it may seem sensible to study of the nature and movements of demons. However the Bible specifically warns us not to do that (Romans 16:19).  The way to discover where the enemy is maneuvering, is to evaluate our lives for evidence of disobedience and neglect.  This is where the devil and his crowd are most certainly to be found.  Jesus said we are to be “fruit” inspectors:

Key Bible Verse

A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit… so then, you will know them by their fruits…
Matthew 7:18-20

We are to look closely at ourselves (and others) for the fruit, or evidence, we produce.  Throughout this series we will touch on several battlegrounds where we are likely to encounter spiritual warfare; at those places where our fruit will reveal our progression on the Jesus Path.  In this first installment we will concentrate on: Battleground: View of Self.  It is not rocket science to conclude that we can either think too much of ourselves or too little.  The presence of either of these conditions is clearly “bad fruit.”

Take Aways

What evidence might I find if I am someone who thinks too much of myself?

  • Inattentive to others – user of people
  • Self-absorbed – thwarts our God-given gifts
  • Work at being admired – a form of greed

What evidence might I find if I am someone who thinks too little of myself?

  • Poor at setting Boundaries
  • Lack of Self-respect

Where then is Bible ground to face and destroy the enemy in his attacks upon us in these areas?  The Truth lies in evaluating how God views us.  Once we have a correct, honest and open understanding and acceptance of His view, we can begin to engage (and with the help of the Holy Spirit) defeat the devil and his crowd as they try to trip us up in our view of self.  Here are the summary points from the message:

  • We are God’s property
  • We are not our circumstances
  • We must accept good and bad
  • We are not “all that”
  • We are our best “self” when we serve

Of course the video will do more to tie all of these pieces together.  Please know it is Bible-ground to recognize we are engaged in spiritual warfare with the devil who seeks to foil, confuse and debilitate us.  Becoming intentional to seek out “bad fruit” from within our living is the key to discovering the Bible ground we must stand on to eradicate it.

There is every reason for you to study this Series as if your life depended on it.


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