Calling Out to God

Calling Out to God

This week we come to the climax of the most comprehensive passage on prayer in the Bible. And though todays text (Daniel 9:15-19) is extremely important – it must be taken in context. If you bear with me then, I will offer a snapshot of what Daniel experienced to get to these verses. This review is a bit lengthy, but applying Chapter 9 as a whole will be a game changer. If you are going to better understand your purpose, meaning, and significance in life; if you are going to live with a sense of the guiding Presence of God, you (and I) must gain traction in our conversations with Him. To do this, we must to see Daniel 9 as a whole; we need to make a quick review of what we’ve already learned:

In verses 3-4, we joined Daniel to seek God using five important tools: Prayer, supplication, fasting, sackcloth, and ashes. We took time to learn about these important tools in the message titled: Weapons for Warfare. You can navigate to this video for a refresher

In verses 5-6 Daniel shares the outcome of his deep commitment to the five Weapons cited above; and we joined him (perhaps reluctantly) to conclude as he did, that we are not always so special. In fact, Daniel’s self-¨assessment was he suffered from: sin, committing iniquity, acting wickedly, rebellion and turning away from God. WHOA! that was a tall order and hard to apply to myself. You might take a moment to catch the message titled: Get Right with God.

In verses 7-9 we encountered the conclusion of Daniel’s spiritual efforts, and that word was Shame. It is a picture of someone who loves deeply but has let his true love down – after a season of neglect. We found Daniel and ourselves using the spiritual weapons above, finding that we are often not such a sweet and honest thing – and then once face to face with our Sovereign and Savior we feel ashamed of ourselves. You can catch the message titled: The Power of Shame.

In verses 10-11 Daniel reveals that it was his personal understanding of God’s Word, which illuminated his understanding of how God viewed him.  I concluded from this, that in order for us to be practiced in prayer, we needed to better understand what that Bible says about itself. That message is titled: What does the Bible do for Me? In it I explored the power of the Word and learned that when you study the Bible, the Bible studies you.

In verses 12-14, Daniel brings in the topic of “calamity” – or destruction. This subject is a heavy blow to many seeking answers. For anyone considering Jesus (as well as those established on the Jesus Path) the idea that God can bring evil upon people can be difficult to swallow. Isn’t God Love? In these verses Daniel certainly openly declares God’s role in directing the dreadful calamities in his personal and National circumstances. Please know that Restart is not a church to duck the tough questions. I trust you will explore the message titled: Why Calamity?

And so with that background we join Daniel in todays passage (verses 15-19) which titled Calling out to God. In this study you will find 15 distinct observations (or Prayer Pointers) which can be immediately employed to better focus and more sincerely direct your prayers to the Almighty.

Key Bible Verse

Call to Me and I will answer you and I will tell you great and mighty things which you do not know
Jeremiah 33:3

Take Aways

Permit me to offer the first 6 prayer pointers to you taken from verse 15.

Don’t start with prayer requests
Claim the instant you are ready, humble
Address Him as your Sovereign
Cite what He has done for you
Redefine your success as His glory
Acknowledge His Presence

All 15 of this weeks Prayer Pointers need the attending dialogue found in the video message to help make sense of them. I trust you will take a moment to listen in!


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