Child and Son

Child and Son

What is in a Name?

When was the last time you opened a Bible with intent to mine out the Names and Titles God gives Himself?   This buried treasure offers rich insights into His character, power, and kind intention.  Our ancient friend Isaiah (8th century B.C.) penned a verse about the Anointed One – the Messiah (or Christ) which unearths one of the richest veins of spiritual discovery in all of the Bible.

Key Bible Verse

For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government will rest on His shoulders; and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace…

Take Aways

Note the first salutation Isaiah offers: a child born.  God comes as a Man… The Infinite One within our Touch.  We can feel His actions but He is Not visible to the eye… no. That is because we spend so much time looking without seeing; without comprehension; we look at life without critical assessment about its purpose, its meaning or significance.  Isaiah’s first salutation – establishes our biological connection with Christ in being human, the second one (a son given to us) represents God’s kind intentions toward an evil and perverse world.  The Lord Jesus was sent – and He was sent to die – the price paid in full.

Notice it says next that the government will be upon His shoulders. It is critical to understand Jesus Alone is the perfect source and intention of all human administration.   We seem quick to run under the umbrella of human government seeking for what only the Lord of Hosts is able to provide.  That said, what form does God’s view of government take; what picture does He provide from the Bible to illustrate the idea of governance?

Key Bible Verse

For the cherubim spread their wings over the place of the ark, and the cherubim made a covering over the ark and its poles from above…
1 KINGS 8:7

The ark of the covenant provides the blue-print for God’s view of governmental rule and order.  Inside the ark were three items;

  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Jar of Manna
  • Aarons Rod

The Commandments are the Law – the boundaries of order and moral structure.  The Manna is God’s provision; something the people did not have to produce – but only gather.  Aarons` rod is symbol of God ordained authority (refresh your memory about Aaron’s rod here: Numbers 17:1-11).  The cherubim cover the mercy seat… God’s mercy over the requirements of the Law – sprinkled with blood for the sins of the people.  The ark rested in a place isolated and apart – to be viewed by man only once a year and only after following the strictest rituals.

But our text in Isaiah turns to four Names which predict the fulfilment of provisions of the Ark ; four insights into just Who it is mankind would receive.

  • Wonderful Counselor
  • Mighty God
  • Eternal Father
  • Prince of Peace

From the birth of a Child to the giving of a Son – the Lord God spreads His plan of redemption before us all.  These titles are clear indicators of God’s kind intention towards us.  What do these Names mean to you?  Can you remember a time when God counseled you? Can you remember occasions where He demonstrated His might, His paternal love, or shared from His treasure trove of Peace?   Would you stop now, at this very moment to reflect on it?

The Jesus Path is a place of Restart.  This is the moment. The Child; the Son reaches out to you.  In all of His swaddled humanity; in all His magnificent Presence… He seeks to become the very Gift of new life and hope for all of us.

Born to Die


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