Difference Makers

Difference Makers

What if for 2018….

What if in 2018 you came upon something that would make a real difference in your life?  What if you could discover something that would:

  • Assure your belief
  • Ignite your living
  • Give you hope

Now that’s the kind of stuff walking on Bible Ground will do for a person!  It also the kind of thing the people of Restart are taking seriously to bring new meaning and significance to life in the coming year.  One important thing needs to be remembered however.  Bible-ground states that we are faced an intelligent, restless, malignant, and malicious enemy – poised to steal our joy and actively engaged in making sure 2018 is a great disappointment.  The Bible is clear regarding the unseen world is clear and easy to understand: all humans live under the direct influence creatures called fallen angels or demons.  The central premise of this study is to help those walking the Jesus Path to become intentional and focused in doing the things the Bible prescribes for victorious living in the face of demonic attack.

Key Bible Verse

But no one can enter the strong man’s house and plunder his property unless he first binds the strong man, and then he will plunder his house…
Mark 3:27

Take Aways

I offer three key areas for your consideration

  • Understand Spiritual Atrophy
  • Remain Nameless
  • Bind the Strong Man

(1) Understand Spiritual Atrophy means to refuse to neglect your spiritual health.  We must recognize that like any muscle, our spirit needs regular exercise and attention.  It’s when we forget this truth that we begin to weaken in both our resolve and capacity to fight temptation.

(2) Remain Nameless captures the idea that God revealed Himself to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob as:
God Almighty – but not to Moses.  To to Moses as the tetragrammaton – Yhwh.  An unpronounceable Name – into which we humans have stuffed some nouns for our own use, obtaining Yahweh.  But the Good God never intended for us to pronounce His name – and thus it is a form of Namelessness.  The application being that you and I should lose our typically self-indulgent point of view and widen our insight by serving others instead of ourselves

(3) Binding the strong man is a specific set of instructions attending to the direct and active process by which the Lord God Himself will bind and render neutral the unholy angels who pester us.  The part of the Key Bible Verse above which arrests my attention is this.  Christ instructs us to bind the strong man before you proceed to plunder his house.  Now since the strong man in Jesus’ reference is the devil – the question is quickly reduced to what could the devil possible have stored away in his house that Believers would want to plunder?   I came up with ten quite quickly.  The thing that the devil has tucked away and worth getting back are the things he has taken from you.

  • Your defeats
  • Your self worth
  • Your reputation
  • Your resolve
  • Your innocence
  • Your capacities
  • Your belief
  • Your submission
  • Your giftedness
  • Your witness

We are instructed to bind the strong man so that we may retrieve that of ours that he has taken from us.  We are to bind the devil but never to forget that it is not a process where we do the heavy-lifting; but when faced with demonic influences and actions we must address the demon by four citations of truth:

  • Pronounce yourself a servant of  the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Pronounce that the devil’s armor was destroyed at Calvary
  • Pronounce your status as a Child of the Most High God
  • Pronounce your mission – that you are praying to the Lord God to bind and disable the presence, actions and intentions of the strong man – all through the power and authority of Jesus Christ

Be so kind as to watch the video to secure a better understanding of how these building blocks interrelate.  We need to live and learn as if our very lives depend upon it

New Beginnings
Armour Up


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