Father’s Day 2018

Father’s Day 2018

Happy Fathers Day…

There is no video available for this message.   There are many examples of Fathers in the Bible.  Some good, many bad.  Here’s a quick few I found; maybe you’ll be surprised:

Good Daddy

  • Jehonadab
  • Job

Bad Daddy

  • Manasseh
  • Ahaz
  • Eli
  • Samuel
  • David
Good Daddy Jehonadab

Jehonadab gave commands to his sons and they obeyed him, and his commands were handed down through generations.  Jehonadab was the son of Rechab and his descendants were known as “Rechabites”.  Check out this summary of some verses in Jeremiah:

  • The Rechabites refused the wine to drink and Jeremiah used the obedience of these people to reprove the people of Judah – Jeremiah 35:12-14
  • God blessed the Rechabites because of their obedience to their father as an eternal covenant – Jeremiah 35:18-19

Now the interesting thing is that Jeremiah’s account occurs 234 years after Jehonadab lived.  Whoa!  Now that is good parenting.  

Good Daddy Job

We learn from the first chapter that Job’s kids were loving and faithful to each other.

  • His sons used to go and hold a feast in the house of each one on his day, and they would send and invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them – Job 1:4

Verse 13 specifically says they were drinking wine.  Job had seven sons – that is a lot of partying.  It doesn’t say Job chewed them out.  Your children are going to make their own decisions – thats why you must work at training them early.  And although their actions and decisions were out of Job’s hands, he continued to maintain a spiritual oversight of their activities.

  • When the days of feasting had completed their cycle, Job would send and consecrate them, rising up early in the morning and offering burnt offerings according to the number of them all.   For Job said, Perhaps my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts. Thus Job did continually.  – Job 1:5

Job sent for them, and made arrangements for them to return to the Faith.  Rising up early makes his intentions clear – he is motivated to cover them spiritually.  Offerings are special tokens to God about them all.  This is something we can do.  The word “perhaps” suggests a lack of sure knowledge. Perhaps they have sinned – people do things when intoxicated that they might not not normally do.  The secular expression (which is no more than an excuse)  is that drinking helps to release one’s  inhibitions.  But of course inhibitions are there for a reason – to inhibit.  We act rashly,  we do stupid things – we get busy with someone – we…  well you fill in the blanks.  Curse God in their hearts – another thing that happens more often when drinking is to complain about our circumstances, how bad we’ve got it – how we’ve been handed the nasty end of the stick – we commiserate with others who are equally drunk.   Notice how the verse ends.  Thus Job did continually.  A good Daddy keeps at it – he never gives up.  

Bad Daddy Manasseh, Bad Daddy Ahaz

Not too much difficulty in seeing why these two are classified as Bad Daddys, because they:

  • Worshiped Idols
  • Sacrificed their children to demons
  • Practiced witchcraft
  • Forsook all the commands of the Lord
Bad Daddy Eli

Eli was overly permissive with his kids, he was tolerant and participated with them.

  • Now Eli was very old; and he heard all that his sons were doing to all Israel, and how they lay with the women who served at the doorway of the tent of meeting – 1 Samuel 2:22

So what does he do with this information?

  • He said to them, Why do you do such things, the evil things that I hear from all these people? No, my sons; for the report is not good which I hear the Lord’s people circulating.  

Wow!  That’s not much of a beat down.  “Its not good”  Note too, there is no personal challenge – “the people are circulating” – he lacked the backbone to stand up.  He wanted them to love him, so he forsook the Way.  We cannot be their buddy, we must be their parent.  Eli’s sons brought a curse on themselves and Eli did not rebuke them, though he was fully aware of their behaviors. He watched from the sidelines – like a coward.  Being a Good Daddy is to stand on Bible Ground – at any cost.  And to make known to your children and grandchildren the Way of Obedience

Bad Daddy Samuel

Now this is almost too much to bear.  Samuel – the last Judge of Israel,  the prophet and priest to the Lord?

  • His sons, however, did not walk in his ways, but turned aside after dishonest gain and took bribes and perverted justice – 1 Samuel 8:3

In fact the public behaviors of his kids were so poor, the men of Israel want nothing to do with them.  The leaders of Israel clamored for a King.   Now this was a major decision point for Samuel.  Did he face the truth about his sons and agree they were not worthy to Judge Israel as he had?  Or did he become angry that people would say anything bad about his dishonest, bribing and perverted sons?

  • But the thing was displeasing in the sight of Samuel when they said, “Give us a king to judge us”

This is not good parenting.  He was like the mother of the serial killer who maintains his innocence in the face of overwhelming facts.   You must divorce yourself from the relationship and assess the character.  Father’s must see things as they are – not as they wish they would be.

Bad Daddy David

I suppose this might be a bit of a surprise.  But unlike Eli who both permissive and involved, David left his child-rearing to his harem, and become permissive and distant from them.   You can guess the results:

  • Firstborn Amnom was a rapist
  • Second born Absoloam usurped David’s throne and knew his wives
  • Fourthborn Adonijah usurped Solomon’s throne
  • Seventh born Solomon violated every law God made for a king (see Deuteronomy 17:14-21)
The Best Daddy of the Bible

So who would I say was the Best Daddy of the Bible?  My vote would go to an Adoptive Daddy.  I would choose Joseph, husband to Mary and the supposed Father of Jesus.  For one thing, Joseph was key to legitimize the Christ through the Legal bloodline of David.  Matthew traces Jesus’ genealogy through Joseph – the legal title – Luke traces Jesus’ genealogy through  Mary – the human bloodline.  Secondly, Joseph was very tuned in spiritually.  Angels came to him in dreams four times – and in each case he obeyed immediately. 

  • To marry Mary
  • To flee from Herod to Egypt
  • To return to the Land of Israel
  • To change plans and withdraw from Judea

There’s no evidence of waiting in any of these visitations.  No laziness or sloth – but immediate obedience to the instruction of God.  You want to be a good Daddy? You must become prompt in your obedience.  There are four outworking from these four dreams which in my view describe the Good Father – factors which apply today even more, as they identify the Believer as distinct and singular from the values held by the Bad Daddys of the world

  • All-in Obedience
  • Belief that God will protect
  • Attentive to mid-course corrections
  • Nobility in all his actions

Lord bless you as you go.  Thank you so much for reading this survey.  We hope to have video accompaniment back in soon – I am just having difficulties getting it to work…


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