He Reveals Truth

He Reveals Truth

This is so obvious it seems lame to say it… BUT… the Bible teaches God knows everything.  And it just such simple points that we must not gloss over. Jesus said that “you must enter the kingdom as a child” to remind us to strip ourselves of adult pretense and the tendency to gloss over things we “already know” at the expense of stopping to linger on important truths.

In this sense, our Buddhist friends have it all over most Believers. Their practice is to be intentional with their connection with the Almighty – to meditate deliberately; to draw out every drop.  And in this way to rediscover and reapply the Great Truths to full effect.

God knows everything. The question then is quickly reduced to this: does He share what He knows? The lesson today lands us square on Bible ground; that the key element lies directly with our preparation to receive.

Key Bible Verse

There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries
Daniel 2:28

Take Aways

We need to approach God prepared to receive answers to our unanswered questions. It seems we tend to fixate on the problems, their complexity, the hopelessness of them ever being resolved – and all this at the expense of what we can do about them.  The lesson here is to awake our visceral understanding to accept it delights God to reveal His knowledge to us.  But to be on Bible ground, we have to stand in readiness by preparing ourselves with some spiritual work The passage gave us four milestones of personal preparation:

  • Glorify God
  • Pull yourself out of the picture
  • Share credit in what you do
  • Remember God knows and you don’t

Now I am no prophet, but the Word tells us “The eyes of the Lord move to and fro across the earth that He may strongly support those whose hearts are completely His” (2 Chronicles 16:9). We’ve only to believe. Maybe you will check out the Sermon to see these things elaborated. Lord Bless You Friend. I am glad you stopped in with us.



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