Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day 2017

So like, just what is it with Mother’s love?  You watch an athletic event and the camera sweeps the stadium full of rabid, cheering fans when suddenly the camera zooms, the person realizes they are on, and what do they shout?  “Hi Dad?”  No. Never. They shout “Hi Mom!”  What a deep and lasting thing this is. However in our little Communities of Evergreen and Kalispell, many women surrender the role of Mother to poor choices and difficult trials leaving many with a bad taste on this day of celebration. At Restart Church we recognize today’s celebration does not being and end solely with Mothers; today we celebrate all women.  In a very real sense every woman walking the Jesus path is a mother to someone; through caring, encouraging, and nurturing actions.

This underscore the elegance, determination and integrity of all women this day I chose an acrostic (Mother) to deliver a snapshot of examples where I sense the essence of Biblical womanhood:

  • M stands for Mercy
  • O stands for Offering
  • T stands for Teacher
  • H stands for Helper
  • E stands for Encourager
  • R stands for Real

Key Bible Verse

The excellent woman, who can find?…
proverbs 31:10

Take Aways

I illustrated the M for Mercy by the selfless actions of a woman only know as “a Canaanite Woman”  Check out the passage here Matthew 15:22-28I am struck not only by the courage and persistence of this wonderful woman – but of her repeated requests for mercy.  She reflects the very heart of Jesus, the Master of Mercy. And the humility she demonstrated by ignoring the cat-calls for her to be silenced, and by bowing down in the dirt before the Lord is a powerful example to all of us – and a view into the very heart of womanhood.

text from the Bible. I trust you will be encouraged as you study this excerpt from God’s Word. Thank you for visiting with Restart church.  I have prayed that those who read these words will find clarity of mind in their quest for Truth.


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