No Longer Trapped

No Longer Trapped

This week we study the famous account of Daniel in the Lion’s den. To me it can be hard to read something so familiar – I find myself cruising through it; impatient for Daniel to be hauled out of the den. But this week the Good God led me to consider traps, and the implications of being trapped. 

In one sense of the word, a trap is something a person stumbles into unawares. If you’re breathing, you’re going to make mistakes. Life happens. You stumble in your words or actions and problems arise. This is a difficult place for most of us. Because whether we are at fault, or another person is, we need to face the irrefutable and recognize healing comes when we lather mercy and forgiveness upon ourselves and the other person. Ugh. This is hard to do. 

There is a second usage of the word trap where a person chooses their trap; chooses to live outside the established and understood moral boundaries of an all-knowing and loving Creator. People can become trapped by their own behaviors and choices. Many who profess a religious affiliation to Jesus live mediocre lives because they choose the “double life.” Although “regular attenders” – the Message of the Cross does little to deter them from seeking immoral relationships, destructive habits and a life of slavery to cravings. The trap of wanton selfishness is an addiction in the truest sense.

There is a third usage of the word trap and one Daniel experienced. This is the kind of trap one is thrown into. A trap that comes upon you quickly, deliberately and without your consent. They can be set by vindictive people (such as an abusive Spouse) who’s aim is to control and dominate. They can be set by demonic hosts (** see below) who daily fuss with us and try to trip us up.  While in the midst of these variety of trials, we know we are supposed to try to maintain a positive outlook. Truth is, this particular trap (in circumstance where we’ve done nothing to deserve the pain) will leave us feeling lost, angry and powerless. It is a difficult task to find God at work under such conditions.

The story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den is a proclamation of deliverance from all three of these traps.  It serves as reminder for us to remember Who we walk with, and what He is capable of…

Key Bible Verse

 He delivers and rescues and performs signs and wonders in heaven and on earth…
Daniel 6:27

Take Aways

It is key for us to make special note of the citations about Daniel’s character from the text. In the message, I elaborate how those on the Jesus Path need to live with like evidence. 

  • He had an extraordinary spirit
  • Unambiguous discipleship
  • Made devotions a priority
  • Was mishandled by life
  • Trusted his sovereign God

And important to note…

  • He needed help getting out

Now the video does a decent job of linking this all together. Take time to listen. And may the Lord haul you out of the trap you may be fighting. 

**  Watch for my upcoming series on Spiritual Warfare to see how Restart Church deals with the question of the devil and his crowd.


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