Ownership and Possessions

Ownership and Possessions

Subtle Dangers will Appear this Season

The trending priorities of the Holiday Season represent the photo negative of Bible Ground on the subject of ownership and possessions

Many among the mass of humanity are inclined to disbelieve the active presence of an unseen and malignant antagonist; a powerful creature resolved to enslave, and thus, annihilate you. The only You there is: unique, powerful and gifted.  You are individual self.  You are the you God longs to be closest with.  But it remains our responsibility to foster that closeness through walking upon Bible Ground.  Evil is present and conniving as our sojourns with pain and shame stand proof.  But let’s join together and climb up to Bible Ground about ownership and belongings.

Key Bible Verse

The Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons…

Take Aways

The first lesson we must carry from the Bible view of ownership and personal possessions is to be keenly aware that we live under a constant bombardment of depraved and incendiary moral inputs from the world around us.  Wrong things happening without legal consequence  in a wold where the moral compass is relative and “context related.”  That’s bunch of hooey.  Bible ground is that there is right and there is wrong …

Key Bible Verse

Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions…
LUKE 12:15

Why else would Jesus say we are to keep “on the lookout” for all forms of selfishness and greed? First off what’s missing from the word “all? – NOTHING.  Greed can come at you from any angle and (2) His use of the imperative  ( Be on the lookout) lacks the feel of a suggestion. You – the individual person and living soul – are being clearly warned. Demons will work to misdirect you about the nature and character possessions.

The single purpose of this examination is help you and I self-assess.  I offer six.  The six presented here are stepping stones, each bearing upon the other and confirms the Bible is not vague or ambiguous.  The video does a orderly job of unwrapping these concepts, I think.  But there is nothing unusual about these six; we all foolishly travel the road without their aide.  These six tools are not a mystic mystery.  But lay them side-by-side and they become actual flagstones in the the Jesus Path.  Their absence bears evidence to the corrosive nature of societal norms. Living in disobedience of these six Bible Truths can only promote a selfish and indulgent character.  Test the fruit of such persons; you should be smelling sulfur.  Especially if you are such a person.   Demons trade heavily in pride and vanity.

Our beginning point then is to notice the direction the world is heading and to then assess ourselves against it.

  • We must see the influences of society – I think Doctor Luke records the importance of not living outside God’s view. This is person who want to store up his stuff and shuck all responsibility Luke 12:17.    All in precise opposition to the proper feeding of our spiritual design.
  • We must trust the Word over ourselves.  The Bible boasts it is the very Word of God.  The Words of the Lord are pure words; as silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times  (Psalm 12:6)  Sanctify them in the truth; Your Word is truth (John 17:17).
  • We must long to conform to the Word – check out this passage: Psalms 119:20  How would you rate your hunger to read and practice God’s Word?  What is the measure of your commitment to walking on and (most often) climbing up to Bible Ground
  • We must agree; it all belongs to God – The Psalmist wrote “The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains; the world and those who dwell in it Psalm 24:1.  That means you too – 1 Corinthians 6:19
  • We must agree to give away His stuff – Once we determine we own nothing at all we then can better come to grips with an unexpected thing.  Follow the reasoning: (1) your stuff becomes “your” stuff (because it’s really His stuff) and (2) God likes to give His stuff away.  Whoa!  Then we come to the sticking place? That is more than most Church attenders I sign up for!   Yup. Welcome to the Jesus Path
  • We must agree to engage our priorities – without much effort I noodled five tests to evaluate our generosity.  What are my priorities regarding: Time, Belongings, Money, Intentions and Behaviors?  Am I willing to come face to face with my view of ownership and possessions and reconcile myself to Bible Ground?

The stage has been set.  The rulers of this world are at work in every aspect of our living.  It is up to us to stand tall in our self-assessment to identify areas were we smell sulfur.  From there we must open our hands to the needs of others that we might truly begin to live. Please watch the video to see how these ideas were woven together.

There is every reason for you to study this as if your life depended on it.


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