Play Angry about Laziness

Play Angry about Laziness

The call to Play Angry stems from the idea that Believers often live unintentional about seeking Bible ground to deal with life. At Restart church we are not going to live like that anymore; even if it means facing ourselves with some ugly truths. We are going to use spiritual strength to meet and overwhelm the (already defeated in Christ) enemy on the battleground of our mind, will and emotions.

No one wants to be called “lazy”, which this is precisely why we need to examine this insidious outworking of personal character.  Solomon wrote that “The wisdom of the sensible is to understand his way” (Proverbs 14:8 ) and we need to look closely at ourselves to root out any evidence of sloth or laziness.

The principle evidence of sloth or laziness is living with an aim toward painlessness; not to exert. Lazy people work hard to avoid work. A related Hebrew word is rendered idleness. This carries the meaning of baseness; of not acting in a way that uplifts or encourages.  The slothful person is self-absorbed and pays only lip-service to high and noble actions.

One difficulty of laziness is that it spreads across all aspects of daily living. It governs actions in the schoolroom, the bedroom, and the living room. The lazy person presumes upon the future – they feel tomorrow is the answer to things they should address today. There is no guarantee the Lord might call and you never see tomorrow.   Laziness steals the resolve; it robs the person of their power to act. It fosters an atrophy of determination.  And since it is rooted in selfishness, laziness exploits personal privileges; making demands of others while making no effort at personal improvement or change.  Lazy people duck responsibility and are pros at shifting blame and making others do their work them.  They are users. They view others as tools of their own aims and objectives. They demand allegiance to their own agenda while manipulating others to abandon their own.

Key Bible Verse

Laziness casts into a deep sleep…
proverbs 19:15

Take Aways

Laziness is a difficult study because the label is reprehensible to most people. It is something we point out as wrong, but then seldom do the necessary spiritual work of self-assessment to evaluate our behaviors for evidences of it. At Restart church, we take-on this tough issue – face to face. We invite the Spirit of God to examine us for signs of laziness. We ask the Spirit to control of our mind, will and emotion to transform our living away from sloth and to view ourselves as God does.  We chose to Play Angry against any form of slothfulness and lack of ambition. We seek to reflect glory upon the Name of Lord our God.  The fingerprints of laziness bear examination in each heart to see if we are indeed slothful:

  • Pervasive across your life-scape
  • Presumes against your future
  • Steals your resolve
  • Stifles your sense of responsibility
  • Makes you indifferent to God and Godly aims
  • Makes you a lover of things and a user of people

Working through the Word of God is the key to defeating laziness in our lives. Please review the video where I weave in Bible ground solutions to the problem of laziness. Thank you for visiting with Restart church.  God Bless!


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