Play Angry about Pride and Vanity

Play Angry about Pride and Vanity

The call to Play Angry stems from the idea that Believers often live unintentional about seeking Bible ground to deal with life. At Restart church we are not going to live like that anymore. We are going to focus ourselves and Play Angry. We are going to use spiritual strength to meet and overwhelm the (already defeated in Christ) enemy on the battleground of our mind, will and emotions.

It’s sounds obvious, but the most difficult faults to root out are the ones we are not fully aware of. The areas of Pride and Vanity, then deserve our special attention. These two traits are very difficult to explore objectively; especially if they have grown out of proportion. The first thing to note when looking at them is the two are not the same. Pride is a feeling or deep pleasure coming from my own achievements. Vanity is the concern about what others think of me. Both of these have a good root; but taken out of context of Godly living they are the malignant hallmark of the narcissist.

The prophet Isaiah reminds us that pride was the sin of Lucifer; often termed the “original sin” (Isaiah 14:12).  And although it is Bible ground to take pride in a job well done, or in the Godly achievements of others, pride can quickly turn bad.  Wrongful pride wants to be its own authority; with no one to answer to. The book of Judges advises that “every man did what was right in his own eyes.” The telltale evidence of wrongful pride is to assume sovereignty over others; to dominate them – subtly or forcefully.  The twisted character trait which fuels wrongful pride is selfishness The human behavior which demonstrates wrongful pride is dominance.

Vanity is a altogether a different animal. Appropriate vanity is to show concern over what God thinks of me. Wrongful vanity is being overly concerned over what others think of me. The character traits which fuels wrongful vanity are always rooted in selfishness and an instinct to manipulate. The person under the power of wrongful vanity will lie elaborately to “manage” others impressions of them. And perhaps worse, to force, maneuver and manipulate others against their will.  The person under wrongful vanity sees no other viewpoint but their own and is addicted to exerting power over those around them.

Key Bible Verse

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves…
Philippians 2:3

Take Aways

The Bible is not mute on the care and approach Believers are to take regarding their assessment and correction of selfish pride and vanity. The objective test is to ask “Am I making myself available to the prompting and teaching of the Lord?” This is an objective test because as Bible is the basis for all Godly instruction; the question quickly becomes: do I spend time in the Bible and hearing Godly instruction from it? Time in the Word is vital to all who walk the Jesus Path. We are to apply the power of the Spirit of God in us to control of our mind, will and emotion and view ourselves in Christ as God does.  We need to Play Angry against any pretense of pride and vanity which does not reflect glory upon the Lord our God. We are to:

  • Be available
  • Believe His Word
  • Be on the Jesus Path
  • Be teachable
  • Be expectant
  • Be focused and intentional

The Word of God is again the key. Thank you for visiting with Restart church. I pray we may all be able to see ourselves objectively – and to rid ourselves of all behavior which distracts from the sharing and living the Word of God. God Bless!


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