Temper – Demonic Attack on the Fruit of Patience

Temper – Demonic Attack on the Fruit of Patience

Temper Baby.  You got it, you got it bad…

Restart is not in the habit of failing to smell sulfur in the presence of selfishness.  The central character failure fueling temper is selfishness.  I want it my way.  But we get ahead of ourselves.

Skip this next if you are up on our Spiritual Warfare series.  But if not, please endure a reading

The purpose of this set of Pastor Bob’s messages is to facilitate understanding of the rules of engagement for Biblical intervention with the forces of evil.  It is a demanding stretch along the Jesus Path.  Please begin with the first by mashing the link below

Brief Review

The Restart premise is that God has proclaimed nine (9) fruit of the Spirit, Satan and his screwed-up crowd are going to peck at you, Raven-like, attacking your ability to reflect the beauty of those nine Blessed Outworkings.  And as we left off from the 2017 Holiday break, we determined his attacks are evidenced by the presence of their “photo-negative” in our lives.  We drew a list and adopted it.

When we find evidence of them, we can be certain of the direction of Satan’s attacks in our lives. But of course we must we stand still long enough to self-assess.  Do you see evidences of these plagues?  Some may have to dig deeper to admit it.  We must then stand tall and be intentional in directing our spiritual rigor toward the Jesus Path.   We do this by applying the Word of God which underpins the Fruit under attack.  Mash the links above to see the text and video of how the demonic “photo-negative” seeks to suck the Godly Fruit dry.  Today we focus on the next fruit

  • Patience

Looking through Pastor Bob’s lens, the photo-negative, or opposite of patience is TEMPER.  Evidences of temper are not difficult to cipher, but more importantly, they are only symptomatic.  The root of all temper is Selfishness.  Always.  Selfishness.

Key Bible Verse

Those who are selfishly ambitious and do not obey the truth, obey unrighteousness, wrath and indignation…
Romans 2:8

Take Aways

The selfish person emits three stale and repulsive odors

  • Unrighteousness is doing whatever you want, at any time, to get what you want
  • Wrath is taking a vindictive and vengeful pleasure in control and power
  • Indignation is claiming the right to be angry because of perceived wrongs

These are the three pillars of selfishness.  They figure in varying degrees of course, but they are always present . Selfishness is the most base of the carnal instincts. It empowers the weak-minded to act without fear of retribution.  Selfishness places itself outside condemnation.  All others are wrong.

How then to approach it? Restart will look at two potent approaches to defusing selfishness:

  • Learn more about Patience
  • Learn about the antidotes for Temper

We reflected together over four key pillars of Patience.

  • Let Christ demonstrate His patience
  • Keep the larger goal in mind
  • Live under Authority
  • Remember you are waiting for God

We next examined the Bible Ground which acts as antidote for temper

  • Remember your example
  • Remember to treat others first
  • Remember to pray for God’s Will
  • Remember God gives you choice

The video really does a nice job in pulling these together.  I am sorry, but the snazzy video-zoom failed during the Service.  I was not able to zoom the camera on the monitor at over my left shoulder. So it will be difficult to benefit from the graphics I prayed over. But the message is good…today the lesson is about how to control temper


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