The Future Soon Here

The Future Soon Here

The Book of Daniel chapter 9 offers not only offers amazing insights into prayer and objective spiritual self-assessment, but is testimony to God’s faithfulness in answering the call of His children.

The focus in this message is Daniel 9:20-27.  This is the place where Daniel’s efforts at seeking (and what I like to call) “spiritual work” are answered. However, at Restart Church we recognize the supreme importance of reading Bible verses in context.  Diving straight into a passage can return ambiguous, confusing and even erroneous results without catching the flow of the preceding verses.

In the verses before our selected passage we find Daniel doing the difficult spiritual work of the person who seeks God with honest and integrity.  He is praying – using the hallmark prayer components of confession, adoration, thanksgiving, petition and intercession.  We read further that his focused efforts results in a difficult proclamation. Daniel concludes that both he and his Nation have sinned, committed iniquity, acted wickedly, rebelled, and turned aside from following God. (check out the sermon titled Get Right with God to better understand the individual meanings of these words).

Before receiving the answers to his prayers, Daniel has gone through the difficult spiritual process of  self-assessment, rebuilding his relationship with God and acknowledging the truth of active spiritual warfare upon his life. It is at this point then that he is readied to receive answers to his questions.

Key Bible Verse

While I was still speaking in prayer, then the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision previously, came to me in my extreme weariness about the time of the evening offering…
daniel 9:21

Take Aways

Like many of us, Daniel sought answers about the future. The Chapter opens with him reading from the book of Jeremiah; noting the Jews would be held captive in Babylon for 70 years.  Daniel was living within that very window of time and wondered: “Now What?”  God sent Gabriel  – the same angel who four centuries later would visit a virgin named Mary (Luke 1:19)

And so begins one of the most powerful and Jesus-honoring prophecies in the entire Bible. Gabriel speaks to Daniel about two premiere events.  First, the date for the advent of Messiah into the world.  Now this Messiah is the Anointed One, the person in the Hebrew faith system Who is to come; Who is to fulfill the promises of God recorded in the Old Testament regarding a King from Israel who would literally rule the entire world.  (Whoa – this is an important passage!) Secondly, Gabriel shares details about the specific acts of a specific person which culminate in the end of the world. (Yes indeed, this is a  powerful passage!)

God answers prayer. Yours and mine. The only open factor is am I willing (like Daniel) to do the necessary spiritual work to position myself to receive them?  Am I in tune with my spiritual condition sufficient to focus my spirit on containing the impulses of my body; on creating boundaries about the ego-driven habits of my mind, will, and emotion – all to prepare myself to accept the replies and directions I receive from God?

Because of the depths of this passage, the video will be the best way to examine this critical text from the Bible. I trust you will be encouraged as you study this excerpt from God’s Word. Thank you for visiting with Restart church.  I have prayed that those who read these words will find clarity of mind in their quest for Truth.


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