The Light Bearer

The Light Bearer

What’s with all this devil, Satan, force of evil crud?  Why does Restart want to walk through all that?  The short answer is that it is in The Book. The longer answer begins to unfold in this first installment of the new preaching series on Spiritual Warfare.

The first thing jumps into my mind after long consideration over the texts in this instruction is: “Why do I live so unaware?”  I don’t pretend live happy-happy-joy-joy with applied understanding of the texts we are about to consider.  But I am optimistic the Holy Spirit will Himself instruct and support anyone seeking Truth through this material – most certainly me.

In the teaching from the Introduction to Spiritual Warfare message, we concluded the Truth is ambivalent – it doesn’t care what we think of it.  Truth is.  The only meaningful measure then is our response to whatever facet of Truth faces us.   Bible-ground about Spiritual Warfare is clear and easy to understand;  all humans live under the direct influence of intelligent, restless, and malicious creatures called demons or fallen angels. (Don’t forget the devil took down a third of all the created angels Revelation 14:10 ). And that these doomed pawns seek to harm and deride those who walk the Jesus Path. This we take as absolute fact:

  • It is not a question of feelings….
  • It is not a question for feelings…
  • It is a question of Knowing and Fighting

Key Bible Verse

The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God….
Ephesians 6:17

Take Aways

Throughout the entire Word of God – from Genesis to Revelation – only once will you encounter the noun Lucifer; just a single instantiation (Isaiah 14:12)  Lucifer means “light bearer.”   This is important because as you walk the Jesus path, you must remember not every “light/insight/opportunity” luring you to the place of betterment is Bible-ground from the direct influence of demons. The disciple of Jesus must understand there is an Adversary (that noun translated into Hebrew = Satan).  Furthermore this particular one (and his crowd) know how to beguile and lure Jesus Followers into believing lies.  This is their specialty – the prime strategy of all demons is to force us to believe lies; any lies – demons will act in any capacity; sell their God-given skills and attractions to lure people into into unbelief.  Jesus warned of this (check out John 8:44).  Those fiends exist.  Believing lies is the engine of self-deceit. What is true of the deceived person? They don’t know it.  That is what the word means.

And so in our first lesson we see how the rise and fall of the one called the devil reveals much of his tactics against Jesus People. First and foremost he comes in light.. offering seemingly good ideas and intentions.  But in his heart, we discovered that he is:

  • Unrighteous
  • Internally filled with violence
  • Shining One
  • Perfect in beauty

Perfection in beauty (that phrase equates to “You are no match for the devil on your own”) wrapped around malignant internals!  Filled with violence.  No room for more.  The message here is for Believers not to visit his sandbox.  Although he is not omnipotent (like the Father) he has 6000 years of experience with mankind and can twist the ropes tightly about you.  We ended the Scripture Search with citations about his end – his ultimate doom to the Lake of Fire. (Revelation 20:10 ).  The message concluded that as we are in warfare, Bible-ground is to remember not everything that looks white… really is.  Don’t be deceived.  Test the spirit of the thing you are dealing with. If the situation you are in proclaims Jesus as Lord than trust that spirit – if it does not, or soft-sells the Name, or is openly abusive to it… then you are dealing with a demonic influence. (1 John 4:1-3 )   Put up your dukes.

There is every reason for you to study this Series as if your life depended on it.


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