The Power of Shame

The Power of Shame

It seems all weird to suppose shame can draw one closer to God – or that the study of shame has a place along the Jesus Path. Shame is so personal and can be so overwhelming at times…  This topic is so important, so to begin with let’s slow down and get our terms straight. You might come up with more, but in grinding through this material I came up with three types of shame. Let me get some definitions out there:

First, there is the shame one feels when shame is forced upon us. Victims of crimes often feel the ashame, guilt, and embarrassment of their experience. Abused women blame themselves and often experience retched fear and deep shame after being scarred by some idiot, dominating fool. And although Restart Church is very active and intentional in ministry to such women, this variety or root of shame is not what I would like to teach about.

Secondly, there is the shame evidenced by those who act shamelessly; but do not care. These are the conscience hardened, unfeeling and unbounded actions of people who frankly don’t give a rat’s biscuit about anyone other than themselves. They act without constraint or boundary. They feel no shame themselves. Friend Jeremiah remarks: “Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush” – Jeremiah 6:15.  And although the Word of God provides pathways to eradicate every evidence of this horrid spiritual condition in people, this variety or root of shame is not what I would like to teach about.

The third type of shame is the one our study passages will address this week. It is the shame of those who act poorly (the Bible word is unrighteously), but know better. Those whose understanding of right and wrong are operational, who have not been severely blunted by a life of moral dissipation; but routinely neglects their own convictions for the sake of selfishness. This person does not always act this way. There are seasons where they rediscover the beauty in service to others while on

Key Bible Verse

Open shame belongs to us, O Lord, to our kings, our princes and our fathers, because we have sinned against You.
Daniel 9:8

Take Aways

Healing shame comes after the spiritual work of confession and repentance have been intentionally practiced in the life of the Jesus Follower. Shame is the natural outworking of conviction by the Word. When viewed from “Bible Ground” shame is simply the true view one’s own righteousness. We are not as good as we ought to be, or as we often think we are. But most importantly, in this week’s lesson we will discover that shame points the way back to God

Maybe you would consider viewing the video message. I found the lesson helpful in my own life-dealings. Perhaps you will too. I ask the Good God to go with you as you encounter the Power of Shame.


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