Unplugged – Breach in the Wall

Unplugged – Breach in the Wall

A Pause in the Series…

Once again I pause the series having covered the first 7 Fruit of the Spirit.  Friend Paul speaks of nine (9) (Smack this Link to see them).   Stop with me to consider the concept of a defensive posture. We’ve been presenting the Nine Segments of the Fruit of God as hilltops. Places where the Light of Christ can catch the attentions of a lost world.

When the walls of the Alamo were breached by the Army of Santa Anna, the outcome was inevitable.  The opening was quickly exploited.  You’ve experienced it.  Once you get your teeth involved with that plastic wrapper, it breaches and you can get at what’s inside.  This is true of our spiritual life.  Our spiritual warfare series has instructed us the demons love to trip us into behaviors which are the exact opposite of the Nine Holy Segments (see more about this, just below). What happens is slow developing of course.  But bit by bit, you bear fruit opposite from God’s; the breach has begun.  It all begins with the slightest compromise; a nothing really. 

Wish that were the end of it, because once the wall is compromised, we must deal with an uninvited guest who smells of sulphur and things can grow much worse from there.  Our passage is from 1 Samuel 15 which records the epic plummet of King Saul from a place of honor and purpose to God to one of His disdain.

Key Bible Verse

I regret that I have made Saul king, for he has turned back from following Me and has not carried out My commands…
1 Samuel 15:10-11

Take Aways

This message is part of Retart’s “Unplugged” series.  It means you get Pastor Bob and his Bible, without the fancy charts cast to a huge TV monitor.  The Text is 1 Samuel Chapter 15.  Please grab your Bible and listen in.


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