Why Calamity?

Why Calamity?

Why do bad things happen to good people? If God is so loving and so caring, why do I see all this crud going on around me, or piling up in my own life?  Sometimes the burden of day to day living feels a crushing weight.  I deal with so many crumby circumstances that I am getting tired.  I ask God for help, but I don’t feel His help at all.

It makes me wonder,  “ Where is God”?

Key Bible Verse

I know, O LORD, that Your judgments are righteous, And that in faithfulness You have afflicted me.
Psalm 119:75

The Bible is not silent on the difficult questions. Life is full of calamities, material and spiritual. In this week’s teaching I suggest the answer to problems in our life pivots on two important considerations: (1) That you and I are Bible-grounded in the nature of God’s purity. By that I mean the component of His character which guides His actions towards His us and (2) that you and I take Bible-grounded views of our own selves; honest and authentic assessment of who we are based upon who He says we are

Take Aways

God does not afflict anyone without an eye to their benefit. Even in the most crazy circumstances we can find His Presence and Strength. Not to say that we will completely understand the reasons. But His Word reminds us that:  The Secret things belong to the Lord but the things revealed belong to us and our children forever – (Deuteronomy 29:29).  He does have His reasons (His secrets) that we may not get right away (or maybe ever). But that verse also reminds us that we do have what He reveals to us; those things He offers as evidence of His care – even in the face of overwhelming difficulties

Let’s remember, God does not expect us to have towering strength. All He really wants us to do is believe. Two verses have helped me in my personal walk, perhaps you will find them useful:

I will not fail you or forsake you – (Joshua 1:5)

Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God – (John 11:30)

I encourage you to take a look at the sermon video. I trust the Lord will honor and reward your pursuit of your answers.


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